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Star Citizen Ships – List and Overview




star citizen ships

In Star Citizen, ships are like your trusty companions, taking you on all sorts of adventures across the galaxy. Whether you’re flying through space or exploring a planet’s surface, these vessels are your ticket to excitement and action.

Think of ships as your personal vehicles in the ‘verse, each with its own cockpit, engines, and job to do. From the simple cargo haulers to the mighty carriers, there’s a ship for every task and challenge.

No matter if you’re trading peacefully or engaging in thrilling combat, ships are your key to earning Credits and making a name for yourself in the universe.

Every ship, whether it’s soaring through the stars or cruising on the ground, is crafted with a specific purpose in mind. From speedy racing ships to colossal fleet flagships, each vessel has its own role to play in the grand scheme of things.

Each ship offers a unique gaming vibe rather than just giving you an edge in the game.

Starting Out

If you’re just beginning your journey in the universe, starter ships are your go-to. These affordable and versatile vessels, like the Aurora ES and the Mustang Alpha, are perfect for newbies looking to explore the cosmos. With their cozy single-seat design and compact size, you’ll find them everywhere you go.


For those drawn to adventure and discovery, exploration ships are the way to go. Packed with top-of-the-line sensor suites and spacious fuel tanks, these vessels are ready to chart new frontiers and uncover hidden treasures. From the nimble 315p to the mighty Carrack, exploration crews brave unknown dangers in search of the next big find.

Delivering the Goods

In a universe bustling with activity, cargo ships keep everything running smoothly. Whether it’s delivering vital supplies or luxury goods, these vessels are the lifeline of settlements and stations across the galaxy. Operated by traders and haulers, cargo ships like the Freelancer MAX and the Constellation Taurus are equipped with massive cargo holds and powerful engines to ensure maximum profitability.

Getting into the Action: Combat Ships

When it comes to combat in the vast expanse of space, combat ships are the go-to for taking down adversaries and protecting your turf. These ships are like the knights of the cosmos, armed to the teeth and ready to engage in battles both large and small.

Meet the Fighters: Your Personal Battle Buddies

Fighters are the daredevils of the galaxy, designed for one or two brave souls to hop in and take on whatever challenges come their way. With their forward-facing weapons and agile maneuvers, fighters like the Gladius and the Arrow are perfect for dogfights and skirmishes.

Launching Strategic Strikes: The Power of Bombers

Bombers are the heavy hitters of the battlefield, carrying a payload of torpedoes and other heavy weaponry to take down larger targets. Whether it’s tactical strikes or strategic assaults, bombers like the Vanguard Harbinger and the Eclipse get the job done.

Support on the Front Lines: Combat Utility Ships

Combat utility ships may not pack the same punch as fighters and bombers, but they play a crucial role in supporting their allies on the front lines. Equipped with radar, non-lethal weapons, and other specialized gear, ships like the Cutlass Blue and the Avenger Warlock provide invaluable assistance to squadrons and fleets.

Corvettes: The Big Guns

Corvettes are the heavyweights of the fleet, nearly as formidable as capital ships but with a smaller crew size. These behemoths serve as support vessels in large fleets or as flagships for smaller militias. Whether it’s the Hammerhead Corvette or the mighty Perseus, these ships command respect wherever they go.

Big Ships, Big Adventures

Picture this: you’re cruising through space aboard a massive capital ship, the heart of a bustling fleet, ready to take on any challenge the universe throws your way. That’s the thrill of piloting a capital ship in Star Citizen. These behemoths are the heavy hitters, the backbone of any serious operation. They’re bigger, heavier, and packed with more crew than your average fighter, making them the ultimate powerhouses of the galaxy.

Meet the Giants

We’re talking about ships like the Polaris Corvette, the Idris Frigate, and the Javelin Destroyer. These babies are part of the UEE Navy, designed to dominate the battlefield and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. And while they may not be available to regular citizens like us, there’s no denying their awe-inspiring presence in the ‘verse.

Diving into Mining

Now, let’s shift gears to something a bit more down-to-earth (or should I say down-to-asteroid?) – mining ships. These bad boys are all about extracting raw materials from space rocks and planetary surfaces. They may not be the flashiest ships around, but they get the job done with precision and efficiency.

Take the ROC, for example, or the trusty Prospector. These ships are like the workhorses of the mining world, tirelessly chipping away at asteroids to uncover valuable resources for the taking.

Salvaging the Stars

Ever wonder what happens to all those wrecked ships floating around in space? That’s where salvage ships come in. These rugged vessels are built to recover materials from space junk and derelict ships, turning scrap metal into gold.

The Reclaimer and the Vulture are perfect examples of these hardworking ships. They may not be glamorous, but they’re essential for keeping the ‘verse clean and tidy.

Zooming into the Race

Now, let’s rev up our engines and talk about racing ships. These sleek speedsters are all about one thing: going fast. With oversized engines and power plants, they’re built for speed and maneuverability, leaving other ships in the dust as they tear up the race track.

From the M50 Interceptor to the Mustang Gamma, these ships are the darlings of the Murray Cup, the pinnacle of racing excellence in the ‘verse.

Specialized for Success

In a galaxy as vast and diverse as ours, there’s a ship for every job. Whether it’s passenger transportation or scientific research, there’s a specialized ship ready to tackle the task at hand.

Take the Genesis Starliner or the Endeavor, for example. These ships are purpose-built for their specific roles, making them invaluable assets in the ‘verse.

Master of Many Trades

And finally, we have the multi-role ships – the Swiss Army knives of the ‘verse. These versatile vessels can do it all, from hauling cargo to engaging in combat to exploring uncharted territories.

The Avenger Titan and the Freelancer are perfect examples of these adaptable ships, capable of handling whatever the ‘verse throws their way.

Alien Wonders

Last but not least, let’s not forget about alien ships. While most of them may not be flyable by humans without some serious modifications, they’re still a sight to behold. From the sleek lines of the Glaive to the imposing presence of the Kingship, these ships add an extra layer of intrigue and diversity to the ‘verse.


So, that’s all about the different kinds of ships in Star Citizen. Whether you’re new to the game or a pro, there’s a ship waiting for you. So, get ready for some awesome adventures in space!

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