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final fantasy 16

Hey Final Fantasy 16 fans! Love the game, but overwhelmed by all the grinding to max out your character Clive? You’re not alone.

Sure, Final Fantasy 16 made things a bit easier than past games in the series, but there’s still some work to be done if you want Clive to be the ultimate warrior. The new Rising Tide DLC throws even more at you with two new ability sets to learn on top of an even higher level cap.

But don’t worry, there are ways to be a smarter grinder, not a harder one, and grab those trophies without all the pain. Let’s break it down!

Grinding for the “A Most Worthy Vessel” trophy in the new Rising Tide DLC? Hold on! There’s a way to make things much easier.

Here’s the deal:

You only need to master the abilities you got before you unlocked the giant sea monster Leviathan in the main game, not the new stuff from the DLC.

The Rising Tide stuff doesn’t affect the trophies at all, even though it might seem like it from the trophy descriptions.

This means you can basically cheat the “A Most Worthy Vessel” trophy!

Here’s the shortcut:

Reset your skill tree (that fancy chart of your abilities). You can do this by holding down Square on each ability or by holding the touchpad.

Use all your Ability Points (AP) to max out the new abilities from the DLC.

Bam! Trophy unlocked!

Don’t worry, you can reset your skills again and put your points back into the abilities you actually want to use.

There you have it! A much faster way to snag that trophy. Just remember, you’ll still need to grind for AP the old-fashioned way if you want the “Masterclass” trophy.

Grinding got you down in Final Fantasy 16? Here’s the secret: play the game!

Seriously, the best way to level up Clive (both XP and AP) is to just, well, play the game. The main story throws side quests and monster hunts your way, and these give you way more bang for your buck than just wailing on random enemies in the open world. So, if you’re feeling stuck, explore a bit, finish up those side quests, and hunt down those monsters!

Now, if you’ve already beaten the game, there’s a special mode called “Final Fantasy” that unlocks on New Game +. This mode cranks up the difficulty but also throws way more XP and AP your way. Think of it as a double-edged sword: tougher enemies, but faster leveling! Plus, you’ll need to beat Final Fantasy mode to get all the trophies anyway.

Here’s a bonus tip: play through the “Echoes of the Fallen” and “The Rising Tide” DLC before tackling Final Fantasy mode. Not only will you level up a bunch, but you’ll also snag some seriously awesome gear and powerful new Eikon abilities from The Rising Tide that will make Final Fantasy mode a breeze (trust me on this one!).pen_sparktunesharemore_vert

Leveling up fast in Final Fantasy 16 is all about Final Fantasy mode! Here’s why:

  • Monsters on Steroids: Enemies in Final Fantasy mode are tougher, but the good news is they also give out WAY more XP and AP. Grinding in the easier modes is a waste of time in comparison.
  • Double-Duty Gear: The DLC has some awesome gear, and you’ll want to play through it before tackling Final Fantasy mode. It’ll give you a level boost and some seriously powerful new abilities.
  • Supercharge Your Grind: There are special accessories you can buy called “The Wages of Warcraft” and “On Fortune and the Heavens.” These boost your AP and XP gain, and in Final Fantasy mode, you can actually craft even stronger versions by combining two of them!
  • Stacking the Deck: The cool thing is these upgraded accessories work on top of the regular versions. So, you can be raking in a crazy 30% extra XP and 40% extra AP!
  • Trophy Tip: If you’re just after trophies and don’t mind sacrificing an accessory slot for most of the game, equip the upgraded “On Fortune and the Heavens II” throughout Final Fantasy mode. It should be enough AP to grab the “Masterclass” trophy by itself.pen_spark

Here’s the ultimate AP grinding spot:

Warp to the Ravenwit Walls fast travel point in Waloed.

Head east to Kritten Hollow (check the map above if you get lost).

You’ll find a pack of Hyenas there – these guys are surprisingly high in AP!

Use your strongest attacks (ultimates, area-of-effect skills) to wipe them out quickly.

With both upgraded “Wages of Warcraft” accessories equipped, you can rack up a whopping 1280 AP per run!

Just keep warping back to Ravenwit Walls, riding your chocobo back to the Hyenas, and repeat. Easy AP!

Bonus Tip: Even though the DLC areas have higher level enemies, they give way less AP than these good ol’ base game Hyenas. So, stick to this spot for pure AP grinding. (For EXP though, the DLC areas are the way to go!)

Here’s a fun alternative (especially if you’re already playing the “The Rising Tide” DLC):

Explore Mysidia! This area in the DLC is packed with enemies, so you’ll level up fast while you explore.

Bonus Loot: While you’re battling, keep an eye out for Aquamarine stones. You’ll need these to craft some cool Leviathan skills, so it’s a win-win!

Explore, Don’t Grind: This method is more about enjoying the scenery (and the loot) while you level up naturally. It’s a nice break from mindlessly grinding the same enemies over and over.

Just a heads up: Once you’ve crafted everything you need, Mysidia might not be the most efficient way to level up anymore. But hey, at least it’s not boring!

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