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Get Ready for Pause-Time Ads? Roku Eyes In-Game Advertising





Imagine you’re chilling on the couch, paused mid-movie, and BAM! An ad pops up on your TV. Sounds annoying, right? Well, a new patent from TV and streaming device company Roku suggests this might be our future.

Roku Sees Paused Moments as Prime Ad Real Estate

Here’s the deal: Roku sees those paused moments as prime ad real estate. They already rent out ad space on their screensaver (think fancy moving pictures that pop up when you’re not actively watching anything). Apparently, this idle time is so valuable to Roku that they don’t even let other apps take over the screensaver with their own stuff!

But There’s a Loophole…

But there’s a loophole – plugging something like an Xbox or DVD player directly into your TV bypasses Roku’s whole system. That’s not ideal for Roku’s ad plans, so they’re trying to figure out a way to stop this from happening. Basically, Roku wants to make sure they can show you ads no matter what you’re doing with your TV.

How Roku’s Pause-Time Ads Might Work (According to the Patent)

Heads up, couch potatoes! Roku, the folks behind those popular streaming devices, might be planning to sneak ads into your precious pause time. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Pause and BAM! A recent patent suggests Roku wants to inject ads when you pause a movie, game, or even a DVD! Imagine grabbing a snack mid-movie and suddenly seeing ads for, well, who knows what. Not cool, Roku.
  • How it might work: Roku’s tech wouldn’t bombard you with ads while you’re actively watching. Instead, they’d use fancy tricks to detect when you’ve paused, like checking for silence or comparing video frames. Then, boom, ad city.
  • Targeted ads? Maybe: The patent also mentions showing you relevant ads based on what you’re watching or what device you have plugged in (think Xbox ads if you’re using an Xbox).

Hold On, Is This Actually Happening?

Relax, for now. This is just a patent, and Roku hasn’t confirmed anything.

Why the Drama, Then?

Here’s the thing: Roku makes most of its money from ads, not selling devices. So, if you just use your Roku for stuff like Xbox and DVDs (where Roku can’t show ads), they’re missing out on that sweet ad cash. This patent could be their way to squeeze more money out of everyone, even if it means annoying us with pause time ads.

The Bottom Line

This might be the future, and it’s not looking pretty for our uninterrupted viewing pleasure. Companies love shoving more and more ads our way, and Roku might be next in line. Let’s hope they listen to us viewers and ditch this idea before it becomes reality.

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